R4 3DS update options September 29, 2014

R4 3DS Upgrade Patch – What exactly is it?
This improved patcher is not so much of a patch, because it is a real re programming of the primary r4 processor within the card. Together with the patch, the r4 can now be allowed to make use of the latest functions and features in addition to compatibility that we’ve built directly inside the newest firmware edition. Actually, you will need to download and install this updater so as to enable your R4 to be able to load the most recent firmware files. This is why it’s so essential you proceed with the upgrade first, before installing the most recent firmware we have accessible.

Do I need to do an upgrade patch each time there is a latest firmware launched?
Certainly not! In reality, we make an effort to prevent any additional measures – unless definitely needed – . The upgrade patch is required when there are several important changes that need the R4 3DS upgrade itself. In many situations, unless a huge new program software edition for the Nintendo 3DS is launched, all you’ll need to do is duplicate the latest firmware records for your memory card, which is also your micro SD card, you make use of with your R4, and you’ll possess the latest compatibility and improved functions.

It does not take a long time to get this completed the instructions are not difficult to follow and cannot actually be done incorrectly. However, we have come up with the detailed steps below for individuals that might have only gotten their R4 and have not ever had required any kind of upgrading at all. Without any further delay; the instructions provided are for the R4 3DS RTS cards and the R4 3DS Dual Core cards.

Step 1: Obtain the R4 3DS upgrade Patcher.

The first step will be to obtain the upgrade patcher. You will locate it on the very top menu of our web site.

You may have 2 folders along with a file which was taken from that specific archive. You should reproduce both of the folders and also those files you intend to utilize to upgrade the R4. You may use the convenient USB Writer / Reader in order to plug in your memory card into your computer and utilize this as a removable drive.

The next step will be to copy and paste or even drag the files across to your micro SD card.

When all needed folders or files are placed on your memory card, take it away from the USB Reader and place this on your R4 3DS card, now you should plug this into your Nintendo 2DS,3DS or 3DS XL consoles.

This question comes along fairly frequently, and we believed it was something we are able to reply to once and for all in our news division. An individual has updated from DSi or 3DS console and then to the latest Nintendo 3DS XL. The question remains not invalid. The DSi to DS Lite system upgrade procedure indicated that most folks had to purchase a fresh R4 card in order to enjoy their applications and homebrew games on the latest DSi XL and DSi consoles.

However this isn’t the case in regards to the most recent Nintendo 3DS XL systems and the new Nintendo 3DS. The R4 3DS card was created initially for the 3DS console. Once the 3DS XL was released nevertheless, a lot of the modifications were cosmetic. Monitors got larger, buttons were transferred- nonetheless – the inside of the 3DS XL console remained the same. Identical chips, identical hardware and more significantly, the identical program software that operates the complete 3DS game console.

The console stayed the same, just slightly bigger. In case you had utilized the R4i SDHC card with your DSi console, you may take the exact same R4i SDCH card, plug it into the DSi XL system and it will operate fine. System upgrades for the DSi  XL and DSi were both done together. This then meant all R4i card upgrades were also at precisely completed at the same time, and operated on both consoles.

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