Colon cleanse is becoming a mainstream supplement August 12, 2012

Colon cleansing became a popular practice during the ancient Greek times. It picked up in popularity again in the 1920s and overtime, many different varieties of this practice developed. Cleansing the color, or, in other words, cleansing the large intestine, can be done in a variety of ways.  colon cleansePeople use teas, enzymes or set up appointments with doctors to do the job. There is not much research available on colon cleansing, so it is currently inconclusive as to whether benefits are prevalent.

Colon cleansing seems to be a personal choice. The two most common methods of cleansing one’s color is to buy a kit or go to a doctor for colon irrigation. There are even oral methods to achieve this cleanse. For those that like options, there is a rectal method too. Colon cleanses sometimes include the intake of magnesium, teas, laxatives or enemas and they can be purchased online or commonly in the local pharmacy. The doctor visit cleanses are called colon irrigations. It seems to get its name because one’s body almost becomes an irrgation vessel. The doctor pumps several gallons of water through the patient’s rectum to achieved the desired flushing of wastes and toxins from the colon. Sometimes the process is even accompanied with probiotics or herbal teas or an abdominal massage. There are even visits where the process is frequently repeated 2 or 3 times and this can last up to an hour. The water is then discarded as you would do in a bowel movement. There is often a selection of different water pressures and supplements that can accompany the colon cleanse.

There are many reasons as to why people may opt to have a colon cleanse. Some believe that autointoxication, or the belief that meat and other foods build up bodily toxins, occurs and can cause a variety of ailments. Some of these include headaches, slothfulness, exhaustion, and even weight gain. Many people accept that rectal administration of drugs occur rapidly so it is possible that toxins, too, can be easily reabsorbed by the body. People also believe that because enemas can fix constipation, then perhaps they can also assist in colon cleansing, as the colon is involved in the constipation process.

Because there is no conclusive research about colon cleansing, it is important to be aware of the potential side effects. Some include dizziness, infection, not guaranteed weight loss, vomiting, bowel puncturing and several others. It is not a completely natural process, as it is proven that the body does have its own system of flushing out toxins. Perhaps it seems to be something that makes more sense in the mind than just a factual procedure. A great way to cleanse the body is to drink a lot of water throughout the day. This way, the body can process the water as it would any other substance and use what it needs and discard what it doesn’t. Unnaturally pumping gallons of water into the body may be quite a harsh process for many people. Regardless, there are licensed practioners that are certainly the preferred professionals that should be contacted to perform the job. Check local listings for one that has great reviews before deciding to follow through with this procedure.

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