Another RPG Game Confirmed for the Nintendo NX October 20, 2016

The Dragon Quest Series is an RPG game series that is developed and published by Square Enix. Dragon Quest games will always have a place in every hardcore RPG gamers hearts’.

Why? Because to truly enjoy the game, you need to invest time and effort as well. You not only have to level up the characters but you also need to make sure that their gear is appropriate for the battles to come.

Now, just a few months ago, Dragon Quest 10 will be launched next year to increase the Nintendo NX gaming lineup but a recent interview with the series creator is amazing.

Yuji Horii, the series director of the Dragon Quest Games, said that Dragon Quest 11 is now in the works and will be released after the Nintendo NX is launched.

This means that the Dragon Quest 11 will join the lineup of Nintendo NX games but will not be launched with Nintendo’s next game console. Probably the one joining the Nintendo NX launch will be Dragon Quest 10 but it is still not confirmed.

Now, Dragon Quest 11 will be done in 2D and 3D versions and it will also be released on various game consoles such as the PS4 and the Nintendo 3DS.

Also, according to Horii, Dragon Quest 11 will be released in May 2017 and it will be launched in Japan first before heading to the US (as with all other Dragon Quest titles).

This is also considering if Nintendo intends to release the Nintendo NX according to plan (which is March 2017 if you still do not know).

Dragon Quest games have also gained traction in the US. Since the game series was ported to North America, a lot of RPG fans are already mesmerized and enthralled with the gameplay experience.

Now that the news has been confirmed, I am pretty sure that the Nintendo NX is indeed one of the best game consoles that Nintendo has ever released.

I really love that a lot of gaming companies are now giving Nintendo a chance. Part of the reason why the Nintendo Wii U, which was supposedly another big game console of the entertainment company, was a flop was due to the lackluster lineup of games.

Do not get me wrong, there are some amazing games on the platform, but there isn’t really anything exciting about the Nintendo Wii U’s gaming lineup.

Now that we know that the Nintendo NX has an increasing lineup of games, it would be interesting to see how the Nintendo NX fares in comparison to the Nintendo Wii U.

I really do hope that Nintendo is going to bounce back after the horrific sales of the Nintendo Wii U.

So, what do you think of this news? Dragon Quest 10 and 11 being released next year? That is something to really look forward to!

The Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017 with the Dragon Quest 11 game to be released first in Japan in May of the same year.

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